Setting the scene … debating on our own terms.

Considering we live in a world with unprecedented scope for independent media, it never ceases to amaze me how lazy the conventional media can be in its interpretations. I am picking on the Guardian here not because they are the worst offenders but because their ownership structure and editorial ethos (“… facts are sacred“)  should make them a little sceptical about reproducing press releases from large companies without thought or challenge.

Let’s take for example this piece by Dan Milmo: Ryanair adds €2 levy to cover EU rules on compensation

No no no Dan! Please don’t let the protagonists (Ryanair here) set the terms of the debate in a misleading way.

Let’s rewrite that headline.

Ryanair increases fares by a flat €2 per flight, claims it is necessary to offset the costs of consumer protection.

There, that’s better. It is a fare increase and they are trying to distract from that, and my version doesn’t thoughtlessly accept the “claim”. Look at the fare increase supposedly to cover wheelchair use, how much it brings in, how well hidden it is, and so on. Ryanair have a history of confusing the customer with misleading add-ons.

It isn’t an unreasonable thing to do in many ways – they have potential additional costs. But let’s call it what it is.

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