Be honest to godlessness – let’s get the census right

This is important. The census figures are used to justify extensive – and many of us believe out of proportion to the real numbers – involvement of religious organisations in all aspects of Irish life from education to healthcare to the development of social policy. For example, if you tick “catholic” you are in effect voting …to maintain the privileged position of that organisation – not the religious belief – in schools.
The question is deliberately set to be misleading: it asks “what is your religion” which already presumes you have one, and the “no religion” option is last on the list below the write-in, meaning that on a quick glance it doesn’t even appear to be related to the question.
Please please please THINK about the question, don’t tick a box out of habit – even more, don’t let anyone else tick a box for you that doesn’t represent your real views.

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